TouchPal Keyboard Reviews

16 Oct

Let me start by saying that we have very many types of keyboard and TouchPal keyboard is the one that is used by the majority of people who can be approximated to be 700 million people globally. This is because of the many excellent features that it has that you cannot find in other types of keyboard. Besides, you should also note that it is being ranked one of the best applications by search engines such as Google. Apart from that TouchPal keyboard can be used by both Android and iOS devices making it be versatile. 

Apart from that, we also have other alternatives to TouchPal Keyboard that you can use. Like we have swipe keyboard of which instead of typing the letters one by one you swipe your hand on the letters that you want to write, and you will not have to lift your hand all the time as you write. Apart from that, we have the swiftkey keyboard which is preloaded with the large number of emoji that you can use to pass your message across. Besides, we have fleksy which is a customized keyboard that allows you to type faster. Moreover, it can also let you to type in forty five different languages, a color theme as well as allowing you to access apps from your keyboard. With many emojis and colorful themes, you can customize how you send messages so that it looks good.

Besides, there are many reasons why most of the people prefer using the TouchPal keyboard. To start with, the keyboard app is easy to install. As we discussed above that TouchPal keyboard can run in devices that have Android or iOS operating systems. Therefore, you will just have to type TouchPal keyboard in the play store, click on it and wait for it to download. After which you will just click on it ones it you will be ready to go.

Apart from that, keyboard app also gives you an opportunity to switch between TouchPal keyboard and system keyboard. With this, you will not need to go back to the setting so that you can change the keyboard type that you want to use at the moment. It has that function of which you will just need to punch, and you will be in a position to switch to the keyboard that you want to use.

Last but not least, it also comes with several emoji's. It is essential to note that emoji is an alternative way of communicating without necessarily typing a lot of things. With several emoji's you will be in a position to type faster thus saving a lot of time.

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